In Thai Food Heaven

Today we attend our Vegetarian/Vegan Thai cooking class at May Kaidee cooking school and Vegetarian Restaurant…

We started the day with a trip to the market to see and buy some of the ingredients for the dishes we would be making. It was just Simon and me with Deving our Cooking Instructor (Sister of May).

What we cooked:
1. Tom Yam Soup
2. Tom Kha Soup
3. Pumpkin Soup
4. Fried vegetables with cashew nuts
5. Fried vegetables with ginger
6. Pad Thai
7. Peanut sauce
8. Pumpkin Humus
9. Thai spring rolls
10. Green Papaya Salad
11. Mango with black sticky rice

It was amazing how quickly the cooking class went and how quickly we made 11 dishes. Thai food generally contains some sort of fish stock and commercially lots of MSG. Tasting all these dishes was an assault on the taste buds – the flavours where clear and crisp and worked really well together.  My favourite was the Tom Kha Soup which is a spicy-sour soup with coconut milk in it. The peanut sauce was great and added to the spring rolls and Pad thai.

Pictures … more to follow on Flicker

Guess what this is? IMG_7786

Egg plant IMG_7792

All the ingredients for Tom Yum SoupIMG_7798

Special coconut scraping device IMG_7821

Very important – Vegetarian Sauce IMG_7827

Recognising that vegetarian sauces IMG_7847

Simon hard at work IMG_7861IMG_7907

Tasting is also very important IMG_7920

The dishesIMG_7941IMG_7942

Our teacher  IMG_7944

The School  IMG_7948

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